Meet the New Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

Meet the New Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

We are excited to begin our second season of brand ambassadorship! Beth Millner Jewelry brand ambassadors are people who live in line with our values of nature loving, sustainability, adventurous spirit, and passion for the arts. The two women chosen for this season certainly embody these special qualities and we are so happy to have them. 


Meet the New Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

Meet Nora, Our Local Ambassador 

"I live in Negaunee township in an old 1940s farm house surrounded by about 40 acres, 15 minutes from downtown Marquette, MI with my Husband and three year old daughter. I am an active stay at home mom and I also own a small organic dessert catering business. 

Weather its summer or winter I am always outdoors exploring with my toddler by my side. We paddle the rivers, lakes and hike the trails that inspire Beth's pieces. When Beth came out with the Lake and basin series It got me really excited. I have stories of adventures from each place she has showcased.  I am not one to blog or really write about my life at all but something about these little gems has made me want to write the stories I keep. I truly love to inspire people to get outside,  be active and see all that our surrounding area has to offer with a low impact on the planet. 

Its hard to say what Beth Millner piece I say favorite. Maybe its my “We, Family of three” Tree pendant. I bought this pendant last year in the winter months for myself after drooling over it for years. I really like the recycled gold setting sun on the rolling hills and trees all framed out of recycled silver. Since I have bough this piece I have never taken it off until last week when I gave it back to Beth for her crew to add one more tree making it a family of four for our up coming addition!   

I am an advocate for the reuse and recycling of goods and hardly ever buy new items (besides refurbished, recycled) and the jewelry I wear every day needs to fit into my busy lifestyle and reflect my values. I applied to become a Beth Millner ambassador because she has created a brand I can stand behind based on recycled eco friendly metals and durable yet beautiful nature scenes of places dear to me. Also, you get some great perks and I plan on spoiling me mom and friends with some new jewelry :) "

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Instagram: @moon_rae_cakes
Facebook: Nora Mae 

Meet the New Beth Millner Jewelry Brand Ambassadors!

Meet Erika, Our West Coast Brand Ambassador

"I live in Seattle in the cute and quiet neighborhood of Leschi. I’d like to think it’s a secret little gem because it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Leschi is a neighborhood full of parks and walking trails in the woods and sits along the shore of Lake Washington. There are so many sets of secret stairs climbing the ridge, bistros and cafes scattered throughout, and amazing views of Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains all around

I’m employed at a small, employee-owned environmental consulting firm in Seattle. I work with local business and industry to ensure their business practices are compliant with regulations and help promote environmental stewardship.

You can find me outside (whether I’m at work or not), I love all recreational activities and I’m an avid snowboarder-turned-skier, cyclist, kayaker and hiker. I’m fortunate to live on Lake Washington and near the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, so I end up spending my time between the two.

Ever since I saw an episode of Discovering featuring Beth Millner, I’ve been hooked on her jewelry. I’m so inspired by the craftsmanship that goes into every piece and her ability to highlight the natural landscapes in a beautifully artistic way. I really want to be able to bring her shop to the west coast. While much of the jewelry is inspired by the natural settings in the UP and around Lake Superior, we have very similar natural landscapes in the pacific northwest and I know that the jewelry will resonate with folks in the PNW just as it does in the UP.

I’m most excited to share my love of all the amazing jewelry Beth has created, and to promote shopping small! I love showcasing her pieces and I’m hoping that this brand ambassadorship will help me to reach out to even more people. I’m really lucky to have this opportunity during the holiday season…I now know exactly how to help friends and family who are struggling with gift ideas!

The Lucid Dream Earrings are my favorite piece and I don’t even think it’s worth my time trying to explain why…just look at them, they’re absolutely gorgeous! I love all of Beth’s mixed metal pieces, they highlight the details and intricacies of each piece when a variety of metals are used. These earrings are truly a statement piece, yet they’re so delicate and detailed. I especially love that the materials a locally sourced in Michigan, the obvious benefit being sustainable and equitable sourcing and supporting local business/trade, but also because those materials are all a little reminder of “home”."

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Instagram: @erikavossbeck
Facebook: Erika Vossbeck