New Lake Superior Stone Selections

New Lake Superior Stone Selections

Large Oval Lake Superior Agate Wonderlands- November 16th, 2018 

Make a statement with a bold Wonderland pendant featuring a hefty piece of Lake Superior Agate. We've all been "pining" over these agate and pine tree motif pendants since they made their debut around the shop. These agates really are show stoppers, some of the most unique and mesmerizing patterns in a while.  

New Lake Superior Stone Selections

 Look at the light radiating throughout the bands of this Lake Superior Agate! 

Lake Superior Agate Drop Pieces- November 16th

Red, pink, buttery yellow, silver and blue. These are all of your options when it comes to the newest selection of Lake Superior Agate Drop Pendants. These agates are a nice medium size, large enough to be eye-catching, but small enough to be an everyday piece. Grab a piece of the lake before it freezes over for the winter and hold it close to your heart. 

 New Lake Superior Stone SelectionsThe bezels are being made here at our in-house soldering station.

Come on into the shop and claim one of these pendants for your favorite rock hound (or yourself!) after November 16th. As always, our online store is open 24/7.