Staff Favorites: Alex's Picks!

Staff Favorites: Alex's Picks!

Alex - what doesn't she do!? If you've called the storefront, she's picking up to answer any question. If you've placed an order with us, Alex is the one making sure it gets shipped out. If you've seen any of our ads, whether it be on Facebook or in the paper - Alex is the creative mind behind it.

One of the first pieces to catch her eye was our New Beginnings pendant. Alex had just quit a hard job and was starting a new chapter of her life here at BMJ, and it felt fitting!

As our incredibly talented graphic designer, she's got quite the eye for detail and what looks good... which is why we're so excited to share her staff picks for this season!

Silver Growing Love Birthstone Ring - Pink Tourmaline & Apple Blossom Post Earrings

Staff Favorites: AlexStaff Favorites: Alex

"Two of my favorite pieces are the Apple Blossom Posts and the Growing Love ring with a Pink Tourmaline. My birthstone is not Tourmaline but I love the pink stone; I think it pairs really well with the ring. I am a pink floral girlie all the way."