The Shelter Animals of Beth Millner Jewelry

The Shelter Animals of Beth Millner Jewelry

July 12, 2018

The Shelter Animals of Beth Millner Jewelry

The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter is our local animal rescue hub. They are a no-kill shelter that accepts cats and dogs alike. We are happy to donate $50 from every "Trail Home" Pendant sold to support their efforts. 

In celebration of the Beth Millner Jewelry partnership with the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS), we thought it would be nice to share our personal connection to the cause of shelter animals. 

Nearly every staff member of BMJ has the honor of being proud parents of a former shelter animal. 

Beth & Bitsy

Beth had been hoping for a cat for quite some time when Bitsy came into her life. She'd asked for one for every birthday and Christmas for ages, but her partner just wasn't delivering. Finally, on Valentine's day, they went to PetSmart where there was a sweet kitty from UPAWS up for adoption. It was love at first sight. Now, Bitsy enjoys spooning all night, and acting as resident alarm clock every morning. She loves snuggles, her food bowl, and most importantly, Beth. 


Janna & Brita 

Fundraiser UPAWS Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry

There are cat people and dog people. My husband is a cat person with alas a newish bride at the time who REALLY wanted a dog. So armed with a mile long list of traits he didn't want (no barking, small size, no drooling, really a cat!), I spent 6 months searching Pet Finder for the best fit. I finally found Brita through a foster care system in Newberry, MI. I drove four hours through the U.P winter and as soon as I walked in the house I knew she was the dog I was meant to find. I brought her home and anxiously asked my cat loving, dog hating husband what he thought. His reply? "It's hard not to love this dog." Success! Brita was our first addition to our family eight years ago and holds an extra special place in our hearts. She's been the most endearingly patient pup with our daughter through attention-stealing infancy and tail-yanking toddler years, loves being under blankets or in your lap when hanging out and is always up for going for a walk.


Jane & Louie

Louie is a rescue kitty from Gaylord, Michigan. Technically, he belongs to Jane's parents, but everyone knows he'd hop on a bus to Marquette if he could. He has a lot of personality, and likes spending time outside and making friends with the local raccoons. He isn't into snuggles, but will put up with them for cat treats. 


Julie & Howie

Howie Shelter Pet Beth Millner Jewelry UPAWSAfter being picked up as a stray at 6 weeks old, Howie found himself at a high-kill shelter in Texas. Thanks to the work of numerous volunteers, he was rescued (on the day of his scheduled euthanization!) and placed in foster care. Another wonderful organization transported him along with his other furry Texan friends to the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in lower Michigan. Julie, along with her partner, Scott, drove through a U.P. snowstorm to meet and fall in love with the seven-month old Howard. Just like so many animals before him, he had lots of quirks to work through after being raised in shelters and foster homes for most of his life. He still loves to bark at newcomers and is finally getting used to spending some time alone, but hey, we all have something to work on! Thanks to positive reinforcement training and the advice of a wonderful local behaviorist, two-year-old Howie is working toward the title of "Best Dog Ever". Julie is so grateful for organizations like Little Traverse Bay and UPAWS for giving these wonderful animals the chance at a full and happy life. 


 Reba & Link 

Link is a handsome young man who quickly found a home in Reba's heart.  During a UPAWS adoption event, Reba was introduced to many different kitties who were excited to cuddle and play - but her attention was immediately captured by the tiny kitten with large golden eyes who was certainly shy compared to his playmates and preferred to watch the fun from a safe hiding place.  He had been surrendered quite young and was very fearful of strangers.  Being a bit of an introvert herself (and a girl who'd dreamt very specifically of having an orange cat since age four) Reba knew it was a match made in heaven and brought him home.  After warming up to his new environment and companions he has blossomed into the best reading, painting, and napping buddy a girl could ask for.  Thanks to UPAWS, this timid little kitten found his forever home and has grown up to be an adventurous, loving cat with the heart of a lion. 


Lex & Patch

Rescue Dog PatchPatch is a rescue dog from California that lives with Lex and brightens everybody's day! He's very energetic and extremely smart. His best tricks are sitting pretty and giving high fives.


Nina & Hildy

Fundraiser UPAWS Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry

Hildy is a Pit Bull, saved from a high-kill shelter in California to "It Matters To One" animal rescue in Rhinelander, WI area. Nina and Hildy met there two and a half years ago and instantly fell in love with each other. Hildy's favorite things are cuddles, watermelon, and her mom and dad! 





Lauren & Yin 

Yin came from a family farm in north-western Wisconsin. The family he came from simply had too many cats (if that's a real thing). In these cases many families may reach out to a shelter to house animals they can't provide for which is an excellent option most of the time. Lucky for Lauren she stumbled upon an online listing the family had posted and fell in love immediately. His name is derived from a distinct, perfect yin-yang symbol on his back. Living up to his markings, Yin is a polar balance of sweet and feisty. 




Brand Ambassador Erin & Scout 

Fundraiser UPAWS Pendant Beth Millner JewelryScout was adopted from UPAWS four years ago when he was nine months old. He was the only dog who didn't go bonkers when we came into the kennel area, he just sat there looking pathetic and unbelievably adorable. We took him for a walk with millions of mosquitoes for company and he behaved perfectly. He is my first dog and deciding to adopt him was both exhilarating and nerve-racking. This is Scout. Like all beloved creatures he goes by multiple names: Skooter, Skoots, Skooter McGooter, Goots, Skooty, Skooty McGooty, McGooty, Boo, and Booby.  He is a good sport about it and answers to them all.   

He suffered from separation anxiety at first, but matured into a spectacular boy who is never aggressive, is comfortable in his own skin, and is a positive influence on nervous or unsocialized dogs.  He will do anything for his orange Kong ball.  If you throw him any other ball he will simply watch with mild interest.  Only the $5.00 ball will do for my darn dog. 

Scout has been an amazing companion over the past four years and I can hardly believe he will turn five in October; the time has flown by! As we both head towards middle age I will do my absolute best to keep my little guy healthy and happy.  He deserves it. 

Brand Ambassador Bekah & Anise, McHenry, Pluto & Daphne
Fundraiser UPAWS Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry Fundraiser UPAWS Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry Fundraiser UPAWS Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry Fundraiser UPAWS Pendant Beth Millner Jewelry

We rescued Anise as a 9 month old abandoned cane corso pup from a local county's animal control. Her name is an ode to our neighborhood, Greektown! Two years later, we brought McHenry, a senior orange tabby into our family through Maryland's SPCA. He's named for Baltimore's Fort McHenry, birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner! If that didn't make our lives full enough, we recently started volunteering as foster parents to dogs in search of their fur-ever homes through Saving Grace Animal Rescue of Maryland. Our current fosters are Pluto, an energetic one year old hound mix, and Daphne, a playful and snuggly five month old Great Pyrenees.

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Ring Sizing

Purchase this ring sizer to help determine your ring size. This sizing tool is most accurate for double band rings and bands 6mm and under.

Fingers can change size due to many circumstances. The best way to get an accurate size is to check the size a couple of different times throughout a several day period to determine your best size. The majority of our rings can be resized, but if the ring has a stone setting other than a diamond, it probably cannot be resized unless otherwise noted in the item listing.

Some of our rings with stones are shown with the stone not set in order for us to size the ring to your specifications and set the stone afterwards. This avoids damage to the stone during sizing. Reference the individual ring listings for more details. Wide Bands 7mm and above have more friction against the finger and will need to be ordered a little larger.

Our double band rings fit like a narrow band. When getting sized for a double band ring, you can get sized for a ring that is narrow.

When getting your finger sized, inform jeweler of the width band you are intending on purchasing and rely on them to determine your ring size.

If you need a ring resized that you have already purchased please contact us. 

Engagement Ring Sizing

Purchase this ring sizer to help determine your ring size. This sizing tool is most accurate for double band rings and bands 6mm and under.

There are many sneaky options for getting the size right but the best way is to have their finger sized by a professional.

You may be able to sneak one of their rings and bring it into a jewelry store and ask them to check the size.

Beth Millner Jewelry has wish lists too, so they could come in to the store and fill out a wish list and we will try to get their ring size written down.

Bracelet & Cuff Sizing

Measure wrist circumference. Take your measurement just above the wrist above bone.

Use the chart below to determine the correct size.

The bracelets we make are designed to fit comfortably, but if a looser fit is preferred, the next size up may be suitable.


Beth Millner Jewelry Bracelet Sizing Beth Millner Jewelry Bracelet Sizing


Size Wrist Measurement (Inches) Wrist Measurement (cm)
Small 5.5-6 14-15
Medium 6-6.5 15-16.5
Large 6.5-7 16.5-18
X-Large 7-7.5 18-19
XX-Large 7.5-8 19-20.5
Bangle Sizing

Bangle Size is determined by hand size, rather than wrist size

Measure hand size by tucking your thumb in, just like when trying on a bangle. Measure around the thickest part of the hand while in this position.

Use the chart below to determine the correct bangle size.

Bangle Bracelet Sizing Beth Millner Jewelry Bangle Bracelet Sizing Beth Millner Jewelry
Size Hand Measurement (inches) Hand Measurement (cm)
Small 7-8 18-20
Medium 8-9 20-23
Large 9-9.5 23-24
Pendant & Earring Sizing

When determining the size of pendant or earrings you would like to purchase, please reference the item description which includes the size of the piece.

Also, there will be an image with a hand in the picture to help visualize the size.

When choosing a piece for another person, we find that our customers choose pieces that are similar to their overall stature.

People that are shorter and small tend to like smaller items, tall slender people tend to like our longer larger pieces.

Chain Length

When picking out a chain, 18 inch is the most common length.

This would cause the pendant to sit between the collar bones.

Beth Millner Jewelry chain length