Copper stones & copper pendants

Copper stones & copper pendants
Hey copper fans, we have a sneak peek for you! Some more awesome copper banded agates from Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula have made their way into our studio and new designs are in the works. All pendants in our Wonderland series are designed around the specific featured stone. This creates a one-of-a-kind piece that showcases the beautifully unique traits of each gem.

Copper banded agates and framed mixed metal Wonderland pendants by Beth Millner Jewelry

In keeping with our ethical production practices, several of the larger pendants will be made with copper from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We also use recycled sterling silver and recycled copper throughout the series.

Holding recycled sterling silver frames for Wonderland pendants by Beth Millner Jewelry.


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Recycled sterling silver and local copper pendant pieces sitting on Beth Millner work bench