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Copper & Brass

What is Copper Jewelry?

Copper is a very popular metal because of its history in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  The first people to mine and work copper were the Native Americans. They worked and collected copper from the shorelines of Lake Superior and the Keweenaw Peninsula between 5000 BCE and 1200 BCE.

We are proud to offer our customers authentic Upper Peninsula copper in most of our copper and mixed metal jewelry.  This copper is from the former White Pine Mine near Ontonagon, Michigan.  Pieces made of solid Upper Peninsula Copper will be stamped with a tiny UP on the back to signify that they are made from U.P. Copper.  If the pieces are not made from U.P. Copper, the majority are made from recycled copper, which is important to our eco-friendly business model.

What is Brass?

Some of our handmade jewelry incorporates brass.  Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.  A very small amount of zinc is added to copper which then creates its yellow color.  Brass acts very similar to copper in its likelihood to oxidize and darken.

Metal Properties 

Copper oxidizes and changes color over time.  When wearing your copper jewelry, you will see it change from bright copper to a dark rich brown.  We feel that this is one of the unique features of copper jewelry because the patina is always changing as you wear it.



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Beautiful artwork, killer challenging.

Up for a test of your puzzling skills (and persistence)? This will do it. The artwork is gorgeous and intriguing. The black and white lower section will drive you batty. Took awhile, but great fun. (So, what's with the snow building up on the underside of most of the branches--is that an artsy thing?)

Rose Gold and Silver Conifer Couple Ring

I cannot find adequate words to describe the beauty of this ring. The contrast between the two metals is absolutely perfect, which only enhances the beauty and simplicity of the design. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality by Beth Millner and I look forward to further jewelry purchases. I also liked that I purchased this piece on sale.

Communication with Beth via phone was very prompt and professional. I highly recommend a jewelry purchase from Beth Millner. Delivery was quick and packaging was outstanding. Thank you, Beth, for your beautiful ring creation.

Beautiful print

Print reminds me of wonderful trip to Lake Superior. Awesome power of the water is captured well in her print design.

This is a hauntingly beautiful setting and zi had to have one of these prints.. The use of light and dark, the shading and shadows alldraw me into the forest. The Turquoise color illuminating a nighttime scene like this is something I would love to see. Now I can see Beth's print every day as it hangs on my wall andlose myself . Thank you! XOXO

Love, love, love

These earrings are so beautiful. Simple, yet stunning. Getting tons of compliments.