Beth Millner Jewelry is located in beautiful downtown Marquette, Michigan on the south shore of Lake Superior. Our studio is above the retail storefront and you will be greeted by Beth or one of her assistants when you walk in the door.  New to the area?  Our friendly staff is always happy to give recommendations to our favorite restaurants, shops and Marquette attractions!



Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted in the studio above the shop by Beth and her small team of assistants.  Designs start out as a drawing, which are scanned into the computer and printed on paper as a design template. The template is glued directly to the metal and used as a guide to precisely saw the figurative elements.  A variety of hand-tools are used during fabrication including jewelers saws, files, hammers, handmade stamps and dremels. 

The studio also includes a small casting area where some components of the jewelry are cast from recycled sterling silver in the lost wax cast method.  After the pieces are cast, they are hand finished in the studio by Beth and her assistants.  The intention of the design typically dictates whether the piece is cast or hand fabricated but most pieces are a combination of both production methods.

Process Shots