Small Picnic Rocks Pendant

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  • Picnic Rocks is a favorite Marquette local spot to spend an afternoon. Recycled sterling silver and copper pebbles mimic the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior while a pair of seagulls dance above the central island. Keep the sentiment of your favorite coastline close to heart everyday, no matter how far you travel. 
    • Eco-friendly recycled sterling silver and copper.
    • Size = 1" (2.5cm) long.
    • Handcrafted in Michigan.
    • In Stock

Customer Reviews

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Small picnic rocks pendant

The detail and quality of this piece is exquisite! I recently visited the UP and stopped into Beth’s store front. I was so impressed in what I saw. I didn’t purchase anything, but spent the next couple of weeks thinking about the different pieces that I saw and made frequent visits to the company’s website. Eventually, I could not resist any longer and went ahead and purchased the Small Picnic Rocks Pendant. I’m super happy with the piece. It definitely won’t be the last one that I acquire.

Lovely Detail

Every time I ware this piece, it takes me back to fond memories I have of this spot.